Developer of People & Organization

As Human Resources Specialist and -Manager I have many years of experience in developing People & Organization. By combining this experience with clear communication, a pragmatic, hands-on mentality and the the creativity to think out-of-the-box I act as a strong value adding Business Partner for Director, managers, supervisors and their team.

Foto-Gerben-HoeveTransparantKortBenWTrough the years I have been responsible for all kind of solutions within all kind of HR Challenges is all kind ways. (LinkedIn). From training to coaching and from HR Generalist to project manager. I have lead growth projects and guided reorganization Projects.

Thanks to the diversity in longer and shorter term roles and projects I am capable to quickly see through company cultures, feel the unwritten rules and define ‘pain points’
By approaching this with a fresh look, companies can move fast forward in de development of the individual, and/or teams and so the total Organization.

Key words are Leadership Development, Human Resources Management, Sparring partner and coach.
In short, a Strong Business Partner in Human Resources.