A Strong Business Partner in Human Resources

By developing People & Organization all companies will stay able to grow.  From this vison the offered service can be provided in several ways. This differentiates Hoeve Human Resources & Development: Way is subordinate to the goal.

Vision leads way.

The three key elements of Hoeve Human Resources & Development are interim Human Resources Management, Leadership Development and Project management. These are wide concepts with a reason and give direction to the possibilities. Hoeve Human Resources & Development is thé partner in the development of Human Resources, Team or Management. It is more than the HR department only. The goal is to develop the Operational HR role to a strong and valuable HR Sparring Partner on tactical ans strategic level. A partner for board and management that always provides valuable advises that are broader than its own department. A partner who is capable to develop the whole organization in the areas of employees’ quality and leadership.

Challenges in former roles:

– Further professionalization of the Human Resources department;

– A (re)positioning of HR as Business Partner board and management;

– Establish Human Resources within the line organization;

– Develop leaders and organization in the field of Human Resources;

– (Extra) support at organizational changes;

– (Extra) support to speed up the realization of project in the fields of Human Resources;

– performing an interim role.